Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Cynics 5MP 8 Channel 1HDD NVR HN-3108-II

Cynics 8MP 16 Channel 2HDD 4K NVR HN-3216-4K

Cynics 8MP 32 Channel 2HDD 4K + Face Recognition NVR HN-3232-4KF

Cynics 8MP 32 Channel 8HDD 4K+ Face Recognition NVR HN-3832-4KF-II

Cynics 8MP 64 Channel 8HDD NVR with Raid HN-3864-4KR

Cynics 5MP 8 Channel 1HDD POE NVR HN-3108-P

Cynics 5MP 4 Channel 1HDD POE NVR HN-3104-P


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